Mary Katrantzou dresses women in perfume bottle shapes!

I love how it's so easy to discover things on the net just by clicking some place random and signing up to this and checking that.. its just so convenient.. so I stumbled upon this today while setting up my 'Bloglovin' account and I thought Ah! What an excellent addition to our blog! .. (this one is from www.designboom.com)

So this designer's fall/winter collection is inspired and focused on fancy 'Baccarat' like flasks of perfume.. which she uses to emphasize and outline women's bottle shape bodies.. As you can tell from the images, the coolest thing here is how these fabrics have these lovely flask patterns which do mostly all of the emphasizing in addition to the cut and design..

My take on it would be that its a more sophisticated way of saying 'Coca-cola' shaped body or 'Hour Glass' with a more literal treatment!

Her line is available at Paris' number one trendiest store (in my opinion) Colette

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