What is Vintage?

Vintage (from the online Oxford Dictionary)
1 the year or place in which wine was produced.
2 a wine of high quality made from the crop of a single identified district in a good year. 
3 the harvesting of grapes for winemaking. 
4 the grapes or wine of a particular season. 
5 the time that something was produced.
1 referring to vintage wine. 
2 referring to something from the past of high quality.

Vintage fashion acquired its name from vintage wine, a better way of categorizing second-hand clothing that belonged to a certain era. Since second-hand could mean any item, it didn't do the older and more original pieces any justice.

There is no exact rule/definition of what is vintage, there are different schools of thought but there is a general idea of it. As with vintage wine, it has to pertain to a year it was produced, be available in limited supply and to some people its a collectible item especially if it was from a luxury label. It doesn't necessarily mean it has to be from a luxury designer, but just the fact that its a piece that pertains to an eras fashion like shoulder padded 80's jackets or flapper dresses.

There is some debate that a vintage item can only be 15 years or older and clothing made before the 1920s are considered 'antique', while clothing made in the 80s to mid-90s 'retro'. 

A vintage item is something that is in great shape and not a rag.
Like one would pay a lot for a vintage watch or vase in great shape, that's the same idea that should be expected of a piece of clothing. It's pre-worn but in excellent shape and hard to find, making it super special and stylish.

Another version of vintage is making era inspired pieces from vintage fabric. 
Inspired vintage on-the-other-hand, is a vintage design but with new fabric.

Most importantly don't be afraid to buy and love your vintage. 
After all you will be the only one wearing it ;)


10 boutiques in Dubai you must visit!

These are 10 of my favorite Dubai boutiques to inspire the wardrobe and the mind ;)
This is more of an insight rather than a shopping guide. We have tons of malls with tons of shops, but this list is for the kitsch, stylish and young designer items. Each piece being a wearable art.

People in Dubai are very nice and the stores are nicer. Shopping here is great, endless supply of everything!
Have fun..

I've included locations/landmarks to make it easier for the cab driver.

50 Degrees - in Souk Al Bahar
Minimalist. Simple. Clean. And a super concept store.

5 Green - in Bur Dubai next to DHL
This store was one of the first concept stores to open in Dubai back somewhere in 2004, combining art, music, literature, exhibitions and fashion, it's still as cool as ever!
5 Green website - click here

Amzaan - in Wafi Mall
For the trendy, casual and social girl in all of us and with access to young local designers, this place is a must if on a shopping spree!

Boom & Mellow - in Mall of the Emirates
Reminds me of the beautiful Parisian boutiques. Très jolie..
Boom & Mellow website - click here

Ginger & Lace - in Wafi Mall
Cute, girly and pink! Every-time I go there I discover a new designer. 
Ginger & Lace website - click here

IF - Jumeirah next to Central Perk cafe
IF you can pull of what they have then by all means go for it. 
A huge and gorgeous 2 level villa with clothes, clothes and clothes! 
I'd say if you just wear black or prefer darker colors, biased cuts, asymmetric cardigans, plastic belts then this is for you. Showcasing genius designer labels such as Comme des Garcons, Junya Watanabe and Maison Martin Margiela.

O Boutique - Jumeirah beach road right next to Roadster diner and the One furniture
Funky furniture by students, chocolate calculators, a Sponge bob painting and really unusual gift items. Need I say more?

O'de Rose - right opposite Choithram supermarket in Umm Suqueim
If I had to describe this place in one word it would be magical! It will put a spell on you..
Villa turned Middle Eastern boutique with a relaxing and homey essence. It's more like a museum of Arabian pop art mixed in with oriental antiques with a twist. SOOO many things to see and buy.. Good luck!
O'de Rose website - click here

Sauce - at the Village Mall on Jumeirah beach road and Dubai Mall
If you want quirky and girly, Sauce is the place to go. The place makes me feel like I'm going into a dolls house or a girly candy store. Endless supply of clothes that will make your heart skip a beat!

Tigerlily - in Wafi Mall
Also one of the early stores to bring in names such as Future Classics, Mathew Williamson and Chloe. 

If you need more personal help, feel free to contact us info@xoxochickpeas.com
or check out Dubai City Guide


Kitty Cooper's eco-styled footwera

Please welcome Kitty Cooper and her Riverbank Carnival Collection! (the trumpets play)
A wide array of very feminine and stylish eco-footwear, a trend that is slowly emerging amongst young designers. 
People and fashionistas (because fashionistas are a very different breed of people!) are more and more environmentally cautious and so are looking for eco-friendly options. And here we found a designer who has a very quirky, kitsch and sustainable line.
Her environmental cautiousness starts all the way from her fabrics, which are all vintage fabrics through to her packaging.
(For more info about Kitty Cooper's collection, please visit the website by clicking on the title.)
and now The Riverbank Carnival Collection




Not for the 'fashion victims'!

Unusual... Twisted... Quirky... Les Queues de Sardines (Translation: Sardine Tails)
check out the website for the complete collection and the limited ones!

QR Codes

Unbelievable technology!! 
It's already all over Japan, on billboards, flyers, emailer.. etc..

As usual we are still way behind.. 

Tips on how to scan it from your phone:

- For Blackberry's: the easiest way I know is to go to your BB Instant Messenger, Opions>Scan a Group Barcode>Slowly press the camera button and a weird sound should come out, like the supermarket barcode scanner (the tricky part)> et Voila! 

- iPhone's: For iPhone's you need to download an application called NeoReader to get your phone to read the code

But hey, here's ours!