More Fashion Coca-Cola Light!

Look what I found!! A day after we posted the Karl Lagerfeld Coca-Cola Light bottle design..

About a year ago from today, an earthquake hit Abruzzo, Italy, and as part of a fund raising campaign Coca-cola Light commissioned 8 Italian female fashion designers to design their Coke light bottles which were then auctioned off during the “Tribute to Fashion” show in Milan.

The designers were: Donatella Versace, Alberta Ferretti, Anna Molinari for BlumarineVeronica Etro, Silvia Venturini for Fendi, Consuelo Castiglioni for Marni, Angela Missoni and Rossella Jardini for Moschino. 

My personal favorite is the Moschino one.. and Versace.. Marni.. they are allll nice!


Karl Lagerfeld & Coca-Cola Light

My, my! what will Pepsi do now!

(not the reaction you expected from a fashion blog! well we like to keep ourselves informed and involved with other industries as well. Especially that we are BIG Coca-cola fans!)

So Coke is officially the fashionista drink well Coca-Cola Light to be specific, thanks to Karl Lagerfeld. 
(He is reminding us to ease up on those calories)

Ever so often, Coke commissions artists, designers, musicians  ..etc to design the exterior of the limited-edition bottles in the original shape. One such occasion was the WE8 bottles, Coca-cola invited 8 graphic designers and musicians to showcase what the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games meant to them.

And now we welcome the Coca-Cola Light the way it should ALWAYS be..

The limited-edition bottle with the designer's silhouette, signature look, signature and some hot pink cap and 'Light', is pure fashion in a bottle!

Appearing April 24th not in a store near us but in Paris's trendsetting Colette Boutique and set to retail for about 3.5 Euros AND also available in a boxed edition that comes with a hidden drawer containing an opener for about 60 Euros.

Deep breaths girls because there is more.. Mr. Lagerfeld himself has also shot an ad featuring Coco Rocha and Baptiste Giacobini holding the aluminum bottle. Ads launch in the media April 28, according to WWD.
Lagerfeld photographed Rocha holding her CocaCola Light in his favorite Lalique glass, dressed in fingerless gloves and a high-collared look from his signature collection for spring.

According to WWD - “Lagerfeld has long been a fan of diet cola, and says he prefers to drink it in a delicate crystal goblet to accentuate the taste”