Cool just got colored!

I'm totally speechless at this discovery.. and I don't care how old it is or that it can kill me!

No matter what kind of a smoker or non-smoker you are, just one look at that and it'll make anybody start puffing away!

Thank you Nat Sherman!

AND a lovely disclaimer from where I found the post on this COOL product
'Disclaimer: thoroughly endorses the need to be different in order to be noticed. Most of you have turned your back on smoking to the point where it is once again becoming “in” to smoke. Remember indies, addiction isn’t fun. If you’re prone to addiction don’t be an idiot loser and take up smoking. It’s pathetic. If you are addicted to smoking, get off of it. No one thinks your special. Casual smokers rule the world. Just thought you’d like to know.'

Too bad they don't deliver to the Middle East :(


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