Maison Martin Margiela

Unconventional and cutting edge.
Our man of the month (maybe even year!)
Mr. Martin Margiela or Maison Martin Margiela

Unusual website (as with all his collections) http://www.maisonmartinmargiela.com/

Belgian born fashion designer with a degree from Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine Arts, rumored role in the collective Antwerp Six. In his early years a designer for Jean Paul Gaultier and later on a creative director for the Hermes women's line... 
All that and more, but at this point I'll save you the history class. Look at his collection and then be a judge of whether you want to read more about him or not.

Deconstructed cuts, edgy, asymmetric, messed up proportions, wearable art and just weird items
Puts mainstream fashion to shame.. even art
HIS stuff should be in museums 
An acquired taste
Wearing a Maison Martin Margiela will attract a lot of attention but not the usual stares
something more like 'what the hell is.. is that.. how is she wearing it.. Oh interesting' stares.. 
Monochromatic palettes with hints of color

take a look at my top items

AIDS t-shirt with a percent of the proceeds given to the Association 'AIDES' France
Originally part of the A/W 1993/4 collection, but has been in every season ever since.
Clic to enlargehttp://www.maisonmartinmargiela.com/en/collections/PE2010/collection-13.html

As seen in the Madonna 'Celebration' video

Fine jewelry indeed (also notice the display)

And last but not least the collection...

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